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Philip Holloway Comments On Toddlers Who Died After Father Left Him In Hot Car

Click Here to View VideoA toddler died after his father left him in a hot car. The father has been placed under arrest and criminal defense lawyer Philip Holloway comments on the facts of the case as they stand today.
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Philip Holloway Comments On A Judging Fighting With a Judge

To view the entire controversy click on the image below.
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Philip Holloway Talks to Fox News About Bowe Bergdahl

Attorney Philip Holloway is a former JAG attorney.  He provides some unique insight to the Bowe Bergdahl case.  Click the image below to see the whole interview with Bill Hemmer.
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Recent Bank Robberies in Cobb County may lead to False Accusations

Cobb Police are calling on the public to help them identify the suspect in a recent bank robbery that occurred at approximately 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 3rd. The suspect is an African-American man who entered a Chase bank and brandished a...
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Philip Holloway on the new "Up Skirtting" Law

See Philip Holloway's Interview on HLN TV
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How long will I lose my license if I'm convicted of a DUI in Georgia?

Answer: Under Georgia DUI law, a person convicted of a first DUI within a 5 year period will lose their Georgia Drivers License or privilege to drive in Georgia for a year.  However, there is a provision for a limited driving permit to...
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How much will a DUI cost?

Answer: There is no getting around that a DUI arrest, even if you're not guilty, will impact you financially in many ways.  Attorney's fees are the one area where bargain shopping isn't really the best idea.  An experi...
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Should I fight my DUI charges?

Answer The answer is absolutely YES!  True DUI attorneys, as opposed to those who dabble in it, spend lots of time and money to continuously train on the latest techniques to defend these serious cases.  We also thoroughly investi...
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Police Investigate Possible Vandalism at Marietta Area University

The iconic globe monument at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia was found knocked over. The globe had been knocked off its base, according to a report released by members of the press. Investigators had also mentioned th...
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If I'm suspected of DUI, should I submit to the roadside tests?

Answer:  No, those tests are completely voluntary and there is no penalty for not submitting to them.  They are of questionable scientific validity in screening for impaired drivers, officers frequently fail to administer them pro...
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