The answer is absolutely YES!  True DUI attorneys, as opposed to those who dabble in it, spend lots of time and money to continuously train on the latest techniques to defend these serious cases.  We also thoroughly investigate every factual and legal issue in each and every case to provide the best defense possible.  While it is true that an aggressive and highly-skilled DUI defense lawyer may charge more money, it is money well spent. Quality representation of a DUI case can takes months or even years.

When compared with the relative cost of a guilty plea fine and probation, it may seem “easier” just plead guilty and move on. However, it's the moving on part that too often doesn't receive proper consideration and, in particular, what a DUI conviction can do to current and future employment.

Some people decide to just go and plead guilty with no lawyer or with one who is less skilled in order to save money.  But in the end, they usually wind up paying higher fines, more probation fees, jail time, and suffer other serious consequences that may well have been avoided.