There is no getting around that a DUI arrest, even if you're not guilty, will impact you financially in many ways.  Attorney's fees are the one area where bargain shopping isn't really the best idea.  An experienced, well-trained, true DUI Defense Lawyer is well worth the cost.  In many instances, hiring the "cheapest" lawyer can cause you more heartache and money in the long run.  Attorney's fees are based on many factors including the lawyer's level of DUI specific training and experience, the court where your case is pending, the number of prior DUI arrests or other arrests, and the specific facts of your case.

Other costs will include criminal fines (which a good DUI lawyer can often minimize or eliminate), vehicle impound fees, probation supervision fees (which a good DUI attorney can often minimize or eliminate), substance abuse evaluation and treatment expenses, and increases in automobile insurance premiums.  If a good lawyer can avoid a DUI conviction, the attorney's fees might be completely offset by the insurance premium savings.