The iconic globe monument at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta, Georgia was found knocked over. The globe had been knocked off its base, according to a report released by members of the press. Investigators had also mentioned that there was some graffiti on the monument.

The graffiti reportedly read "Save SPSU," which means that the action may have been politically driven. Both police officers and school officials are investigating just how the giant globe was knocked over. While campus police have suggested that the incident could merely have been the result of an accident, the graffiti makes this somewhat unlikely. The incident could be tied to a recently held rally.

According to campus police, the globe must have been knocked over sometime on the evening of November 5. A rally had been held by students to protest the recently announced merger between Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University. The two schools are set to merge together by 2015.

SPSU students held an on-campus rally on the day before the globe was knocked over, and they voiced their disapproval over the entire plan to merge the two schools. The rally was held near to the globe, and campus police found additional graffiti on sidewalks that surround the base. Some of the graffiti featured social networking tags designed to promote a political agenda in terms of saving the school.

An alumna of Southern Polytechnic reported that the incident made her seriously unhappy. While students have every right to their freedom of expression, damaging the globe is considered a property crime. Should campus officials or local Marietta police officers find suspects they could face serious vandalism charges. There could also possibly be other charges involved.

There may have been a number of different people involved in the crime. Considering the size of the rally, it is completely possible that numerous people from the rally were involved in the incident. That can be a serious problem when it comes time to put a case together and prosecute suspects in court.